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Date, time and location of our monthly meetings.

2017 February Meeting

WHERE Marshall-Lyon County Library
WHEN February 21st 6-7:30 p.m.

If you are looking for a prompt to get you writing, Jennifer has shared her prompt list.

Some of us are working our way through Steering the Craft by Ursula LeGuin. If you’d like to try the latest session, you can find it here.

Interested WordPress? A local user group is forming at the Marshall-Lyon County Library on the second Tuesday of every month.

2016 April Meeting

WHERE Marshall-Lyon County Library, Minnesota Room
WHEN April 19, 2015
TIME 6 to 7:30

We are adding Q&A time. Bring a question or an answer to a writing related topic.

ACTIVITY We are starting our own writing challenge. Bring a container of some sort to the next meeting. Decide on a writing goal (like write 20 uninterrupted minutes per day). For each day you make your goal, mark it with an object that will be added to your container. At the next meeting, we will see how well we each did at reaching our goals.

February Prompt (Submissions)

You may recall the prompt for the February 16 meeting is something that meets the submission guidelines for the Talking Stick.  If you choose to go ahead and submit to Talking Stick they are open until March 1.   I will try to remember to bring some copies Feb 16.   Here is the full site:

Here is an excerpt from their guidelines:

1. Writers must be from Minnesota or have some connection to this area.

2. DEADLINE: March 1, 2016. This year we will again offer monetary prizes in each of the 3 categories. Writers may submit for more than one category. Our Editorial Board will select the poetry and prose to be published in TS25. A published Minnesota author in each field will judge for the monetary prizes from the selected submissions, with authors’ names removed. Writers will be invited to our Book Release Party in September (tentative date is September 17, 2016). PLEASE READ SUBMISSION GUIDELINES COMPLETELY.

3. Prizes are $250 for first place and $100 for second place in each of the three categories. Works are to be UNPUBLISHED. This must NOT be on your Website or on a Blog. We want new things, unseen by the public. Submit manuscripts with name, address, and email address in upper right corner of each page. THIS MUST BE THE WAY YOU WANT YOUR NAME IN THE BOOK. Clearly mark the genre for which you are submitting: POETRY, FICTION, or CREATIVE NONFICTION. No simultaneous submissions, please. We would prefer that you do NOT start out your written piece with “inspirational” or “referenced” quotes from other literary works because of possible copyright issues, etc.

POETRY – Limit TWO entries per writer, each poem no longer than ONE page, typed single-spaced.  No word count necessary. See other requirements under #3 above.
FICTION – Limit ONE short story of 1500 words or less, typed single-spaced. Number the pages and include word count at end. See other requirements under #3 above.
CREATIVE NON-FICTION – Includes essays, travel, biography, memoir, etc. Limit ONE entry of 1000 words or less, typed single-spaced. Number the pages and include word count at end. See other requirements under #3 above.”