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An Exercise in Rewriting

This topic is part of the Marshall-Lyon County Library Writers’ Salon.

We all know we should rewrite. We were required to do it in school. In our work environments, we do it to avoid embarrassing mistakes. The Internet is full of admonishments that your work will never get published if it hasn’t been rewritten three times, five times, a hundred times. So we sit down with the processor open, and begin. What exactly, though, are we doing? Is it rewritten if we just change the words? Eliminate grammatical mistakes? Reorganize plot? Suffer?
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MASC Short Play Festival


  • Plays must be 20 minutes or less.  Plays can be original works or established works.
  • Plays may be presented as concert readings (MASC can provide readers) or fully staged works.
  • If you bring a fully staged work, you would have to rehearse on your own.
  • There will be one rehearsal, the day of the Festival, in the venue with minimal set (one table, two chairs).
  • Following each play, there will be a feedback session, focused on constructive critique.
  • There is no fee to participate.  You will not get any compensation for your participation.

The Festival will be March 10th, 2018 at the Marshall-Lyon County Library.  Rehearsal starts at 10am.  Showtime is 7pm.

MASC may choose a show from this Festival to participate in the statewide festival on August 182018 in Cloquet, MN.

To submit your entry or if you have questions, contact Bob Schwoch by Email at or regular mail: MASC, P.O. Box 321, Marshall, MN 56258.

Deadline for submissions is February 15th.

Book View Cafe: A Cooperative Publisher

“Book View Café is a cooperative publisher. Our members are authors across all genres, from science fiction to romance to historical to mainstream. We function as editors, copyeditors, ebook formatters, cover artists, website maintainers and more. We offer both reprints and new titles in ebook form, and many of our titles are also available in print. At BVC, 95% of the cover price goes to the author. That’s more than at any other online bookseller (Amazon, B&N, iTunes).” 

About Book View Cafe

This site might be just what some of us need: a way to connect up with mentors and resources to get our feet wet in the river of authorship. Don’t forget you can also shop there.

Submission Opportunities

This site does a monthly listing of publications looking for submissions.

There is also a new Facebook Group called South Dakota Writes that has a number of resources.  I think this link will take you there or just search the title in Facebook: